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Food Vendors Wanted

If you're interested in providing food, snacks, or drinks for this year's Snow Goose Festival, please sign up! There are plenty of opportunities to let others taste your specialties. During events located at Gunnison Bend Reservoir and the Fair Grounds we are always looking to find vendors who can feed the hungry masses! Just register for a booth at the craft fair. There are two locations to choose from; either at Gunnison Bend Reservoir or at the Fairgrounds.

Rent A Booth


Terms And Conditions

Craft Booth Rental

Due to the limited size and scope of our local Snow Goose craft fair, we have certain policies on how many vendors, what type of goods, etc. Most types of goods are welcome at the craft fair; especially those hand-crafted items that showcase your talents! We reserve the right to determine what types of vendors and others to allow at the Snow Goose Craft Fair. Please feel free to send us a message if you are curious about your particular situation and to inquire about any other details. If you purchase a booth rental online, please describe in detail what you are planning on selling. We will let you know by February 1st whether we will be able to accept your application based on our criteria after which you may begin making your plans to attend. Please do not make preparations to attend as a vendor until you receive this confirmation. If you have purchased a booth and it is decided that we cannot rent a booth to you, we will promptly provide you a refund. Thank you for your interest and desire to come. These terms will help us provide a variety of items and activities that will keep visitors coming to the annual craft fair for years to come!

Also, in the event of some unforeseen situation that prevents us from having the annual Snow Goose craft fair or some other miscommunication not our fault, we will not be liable for any damages or losses incurred by vendors unless otherwise stipulated by law.

"Wild Goose" Sponsors... Thanks to our Wonderful Businesses!

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  • Materion
  • Droubay Chevrolet
  • Rocky Mountain Power
  • K & J Auto Sales
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  • Service Drug
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  • Retirement Solutions
  • Orderville Vines
  • Millard County Care
  • Delta Subway
  • Lotsa Motsa
  • Delta Community Hospital
  • IFA
  • Farm Bureau
  • Delta Subway
  • Oasis Seed Cooperative
  • Delta Jubilee
  • RC Staples
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  • Day-Leavitt
  • Fullmer Sanitation
  • Diamond D Motel
  • Liqua Dry
  • Peak Performance
  • Sounds Unlimited
  • West Desert Rock Collectors
  • Gunnison Bend Veterinarian Services
  • Rancher
  • MCCU
  • Delta Egg Farm
  • Budget Inn
  • Central Utah Animal Hospital
  • Signature Realty
  • T& T Twin Theatre
  • Quality Market
  • Chronicle Progress
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