Snow Goose Quilt Show

Quilt Classes are now open for registration on sponser's site!!!  Sign up here

In connection with each year's Snow Goose Craft Fair, an additional Quilt Show is held for the benefit of those visiting to see the geese. We know you'll love the many hand-made and creatively sewn quilts that will be on display!  The Quilt Show will be held during the Snow Goose Festival dates at the Millard County Fair Grounds. 

Below you can find directions to the location of the quilt fair and a link to the Quilter's Blog where you can get more information on what to expect and contact information in case you're interested in displaying some of your handiworks.

While visiting Delta during the Snow Goose Festival, after you check out the Quilts over at the fair ground buildings, be sure to come by the RJ Law Community Center at 75 West Main Street and check out the annual Craft Fair too! More information can be found here.



Millard County Fairgrounds
181 Manzanita Ave
Delta, UT 84624

Map & Directions


Quilters Wanted

If you'd like to display your quilting projects for others to see or purchase feel free to contact us today to learn more. The annual quilt fair is organized by one of our local sponsors. You can learn more and sign up at their website.          

Visit the Quilt Show Blog


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