Come See the Annual Snow Goose Migration!

DWR will be at the Reservoir Feb 21-22 with spotting scopes, educational videos, and personal expertise Fri 11-4 and Sat "sun-up"-4!

Delta, Utah is privileged with the honor of being along their annual migration route. Starting in early February, Snow Geese stop by to rest, pick up snacks, and ready themselves for the rest of their long journey home.

There is no other place in the State of Utah that offers the chance to see so many snow geese in one place. The sights and sounds of thousands of snow geese in the air and upon the water in such a concentrated gathering is one of the most incredible wildlife experiences available.

The snow geese typically can be seen in large numbers at the Gunnison Bend Reservoir located just a few miles outside of Delta, Utah. Depending on their needs, you can also catch them relaxing in some of the fields close to Delta too. Feel free to visit our facebook page and find out the latest on where they might be congregating!

Come join us for this year's annual Delta Snow Goose Festival! Bring your camera and be ready to join the fun. In addtion to being a great place to view the annual snow goose migration, we hold additional events that families can enjoy.

Early each spring, thousands of Snow Geese begin their 3,000 mile voyage home to Canada's northwest territories. Starting from where they winter in Southern California & Mexico, these travelers navigate their way home with amazing precision and faithfulness.

In addition, they do it all without a trained flight crew, thousands of pounds of jet fuel, or a GPS! Instead, they are equipped with only a few pounds of fatty fuel, a mental map inherited from their parents, a built in compass sensitive to earth's magnetic field, and instinct! Amazing!

Tips for viewing the Snow Geese:

1. The geese are on the water usually from 11 AM to about 3:30 PM. This is the best time of day to view them. Earlier or later, they may not be on the water. Sometimes they are in surrounding area farmer's fields.

2. Geese will be here until the last week of Feb/first week of Mar. After that, there will still be small flocks of geese in and out still. The number just drops significantly.

3. You have to drive around the Sherwood Shores Peninsula and find the geese. You never know where they will be! (Please stay off private property.)

4. The geese are wild - which means they are unpredictable. They do what they want.

5. If it is windy or stormy, it's not a great time to try to see them.

***Do you have great photos of the geese? Please share them! What other tips do you have for viewing the geese?  Email to or share on our Facebook Page, Delta Area Chamber.

Follow our page's Snow Goose post for updates on the geese general location.

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Snow Goose Observation

Geese on beachGunnison Bend Reservoir
South Nottingham Drive,
Sherwood Shores,
Delta, UT 84624

Map & Directions

 Snow goose map to res and beach 1


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