2015 Delta Snow Goose Festival
Delta, Utah. February 27-28, 2015
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Delta Snow Goose Festival - Come Join the Fun!

Early each spring, thousands of Snow Geese begin their 3,000 mile voyage home to Canada's northwest territories. Starting from where they winter in Southern California & Mexico, these travelers navigate their way home with logo-dacc-iconSponsored By
Delta Area Chamber of Commerce
amazing precision and faithfulness. Delta, Utah is privileged to be situated along their annual migration route. Come join us for this year's annual Delta Snow Goose Festival! Bring your camera and be ready to join the fun.

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Craft Fair & Quilt Show

Each year Delta's Snow Goose Festival attracts crafters and vendors from all over who want to show you their latest creations. You can find anything from jewelry, hair bows, and purses to popcorn and candy apples!  Learn More

Wild Goose Chase 5/10K

Get some fresh air, race for prizes, walk for fun, and enjoy the festivities while observing one of the most spectacular events in Utah - the annual migration of the Lesser Snow Geese. Professionaly timed and organized!  Learn More

Wild Goose Skeet Shoot

Marksmen, hunters, and families who like to prove their prowess with a shotgun will have a chance to compete and share good times at the Wild Goose Skeet Shoot. It promises to be a most entertaining event for participants and spectators.  Learn More

Wild Duck & Goose Call

Give a big welcome to our fine, feathered friends by joining them for a little dip in the water at the Gunnison Bend Reservoir! Sign up to take the plunge or come watch our annual "Dunk, Dunk, Goose" event.  Learn More